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I hope that everything is going well with you regardless of the circumstances you’re in. Your attitude determines everything!

Have you ever read, “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Dr. Spencer Johnson? If so, you know that what we habitually do is far “safer” than what we don’t know. Many of us stay in dead marriages (and other unfulfilled situations) because change – particularly the fear of being alone (and facing the unknown) is so overwhelming that we avoid and procrastinate doing the “correct” thing(s). Yes, it takes courage to make a decision in the face of fear, but once you start acting (vs. reacting) and choose to take control of your life, you will start to experience the well-being, fulfillment and power packed life that you deserve!

The most challenging  issue for me was creating a new life after my separation (and subsequent divorce) ten years ago. In an instant, I had to move out of my home, leave my children, turn over most of my hard earned cash and learn how to be alone! As you can imagine, I was sad, apprehensive and lonely. In addition,  I was going through the “divorce mill” in court and found myself overwhelmed by a series of court appearances and delays as I mounted my case for custody.  I spent literally hundreds of thousands of dollars. How I wish I knew then what I know now!

Men, beware-you are entering unknown territory!

This reminds me of the many times I refused to ask for directions because I felt I could find the way by myself! Sound familiar? Similar to driving in an unfamiliar area, in a divorce situation you will benefit from a road map (navigation system) and a guide who knows the territory and can show you the step-by-step ways to get through it, while also avoiding the pitfalls along the way. Knowledge is power. This can not be emphasized enough. Why not save yourself hours of stress and thousands of dollars?

As you contemplate starting a divorce or if you have already begun, make it essential to prepare yourself and learn the territory.